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turtles can talk

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I'm not really a turtle. I'm a mammalian biped. I just think turtles are indescribably lovable.

I've been joyfully married since 1993. My Love doesn't spend much time online; other than that, we're kind of hard to tell apart.

I'm a fanatic Christian. My opinion is that a very mild case of Christianity would still leave room for neglecting the poor, strutting in self-righteous pride, making up taboos, and wasting time with doctrinal hair-splitting. A fanatic Christian, on the other hand, takes God way too seriously for any of that. OK, I'm not really a fanatic yet, but I'm trying.

I'm an untrained datageek who once tried to be a chemical engineer.

And yes, I'm some sort of gendery, though I'm not going to (and don't need to) do anything as exciting as transition.

I lack both stylish nihilistic angst and a traditionally cryptic info page.

Oh - if you're looking for Rebar, you found me. Honig!

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